How do I get my results?


You can pick up your results 13 days after your test. (See the list of 2016 Test Dates).

We can also mail them but please allow 10 business days for them to reach you.You must bring your passport or PR card with you to pick up your results. You will get one copy of your results.

If you do not receive your results within 20-30 business days, please contact us. We cannot supply replacement copies for undelivered TRFs after this time.

Provisional results can be accessed through our website here:

IELTS Result Button

If you want additional copies of your test results form:

  1. Fill out the PDF Icon Test Results Form
  2. Complete the PDF Icon Credit Card Payment Authorization Form (TRF & EOR)
  3. Fax to: + 1 604-684-2124, email or bring into our centre the above documents along with a copy of your Passport or PR Card.

We can issue IELTS results for up to 2 years. Additional TRFs can only be requested from the centre in which you wrote the test. Please note that TRFs can only be sent to recognized institutions.

Enquiry on Results (EoR)

Definition of Terms

Enquiry on Results: the process by which candidates ask for one or more test modules to be remarked by experienced Examiners and Senior Clerical Markers. This request is made after the test results have been released and is designed to ensure candidate performance has been accurately assessed.  Please note this process does not provide information on how your mark was decided.

General Regulations

Candidates are entitled to request a full re-mark (i.e. all modules) or a partial re-mark (i.e. one or more module) of their original results. Candidates must submit all their requests for re-mark to the IELTS Centre Administrator within six weeks of the test date by mail to:

IELTS Administrator
888 Cambie Street
(between Robson & Smithe)
Vancouver, BC
V6B 2P6 Canada


Candidates requesting a re-mark must:

  1. Fill out an PDF Icon Enquiry on Results (EoR) Form
  2. Submit the original Test Result Form (TRF)
  3. Pay a fee of $160.00 CDN by money order or bank draft (payable to Global Village Vancouver) or complete the credit card authorization form.
  4. Wait approximately eight weeks to be notified of the results

Improvement in Score

If a candidate is awarded a higher score than the original, a new Test Report Form (TRF) will be issued by the Test Centre with the new score(s). A full refund will also be issued to the candidate.

If there is no improvement in score, the candidate will be notified. The original TRF will be returned to the candidate and there will be no refund of the re-mark fee.